Who is this guy?

Hi, I'm Jamie and I'm a copywriter

I’ve always been fascinated in language — its quirks, its rhythm, and its completely baffling variety of uses.

This curiosity has stuck with me, and with a degree in English Language and Linguistics I now know more than any reasonable person should about grammar.


After university I landed a copywriting position at a digital agency. I spent nearly two years writing hundreds of social adverts, Google Search campaigns, blog posts, landing pages, and creative strategies for clients including universities and fostering agencies. I took the plunge into freelancing in 2019 after my daughter was born, and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.

From all I’ve learned, I’ve come to realise that the most important thing when putting together copy is that it needs to be crystal clear.

Because let’s face it – if your colleagues can’t understand your copy, then how on earth will your customers?

So that’s what I do. And if you’d like to join me on my journey through this language of ours and let your business cut through the noise, I’d love to help.